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Central Cash

6124 Market Street, Boardman, OH 44512-3326   » Map & Driving Directions

Phone Number: 330-758-2200   » Touch to dial (for mobile devices)

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Payday Cash Advance

74 Boardman Poland Road, Boardman, OH 44512-4602   » Map & Driving Directions

Phone Number: 330-729-9420   » Touch to dial (for mobile devices)

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Boardman, OH Payday Advances: 10 Tips to keep in mind when getting a payday advance in Boardman, OH.

Certainly, there are many factors to think about before taking out a cash advance in Boardman Ohio. The following are Ten tips we encourage you to carefully consider:

1. Always look at other loan sources before you choose a payday loan or cash advance. Consider family, friends, your lending institution, a local bank , even a line of credit.

2. Make sure you read the fine print of any payday loan or cash advance contract before you sign it. In the case that you don't understand anything or have doubts, do not sign.

3. Insufficient funds charges and even bounced check fees can add up quick and can be rather high, so be careful not to overshoot your budget when applying for a payday advance.

4. In every case try and repay your payday advance loan or cash advance in full when it is due without going past the due date.

5. Make sure to know exactly whenever your payday loan or cash advance is scheduled to be paid and know the necessary steps to repay that loan on time.

6. Before procuring a cash advance or cash advance, consult the Better Business Bureau to see precisely how established the company is and if it has any complaints.

7. In case you feel that you have been treated incorrectly or illegally by any payday loan or cash advance company, you can enter a grievance with your state agency.

8. Start keeping an emergency cash fund of, about, $500. By practicing this, you can avoid payday advance loans in the future.

9. Unless you use payday advances and cash advance lenders very sparingly, we highly suggest going for credit counselling if you want to learn how to properly budget and save.

10. If you intend to get a payday advance or cash advance, make sure you get access to your recent employment pay-check stubs alongside your bank account information.

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